Trust me!

I am creating and choosing the premium fish used each day and using the Omakase

Tradition & Authentic

Chef Inoue opened the restaurant with the vision to educate the Harlem community on what the traditional sushi experience is like. Every piece of sushi is handcrafted in front of you with art and precision and is presented one at a time.

Sushi Master - Chef Shinichi Inoue

Chef Shinichi Inoue was born in Nagasaki, Japan, One of the most Western regions. Although some of his ancestors were Samurai, his family didn’t have much. So after graduating High School, he needed to get a job. A job that required skills would make him enough money to go to a University. The best place to do that would be to go to Tokyo, Japan. He always wanted to be a Sushi Chef, so that is what he did.

He entered a Sushi contest in Tokyo and got an "A". He started working in a Sushi restaurant for 5 years, then in Kintaro Sushi, in Asakusa, Japan, where he worked for 15 years. In such a famous Sushi restaurant it took him 7 years before he was aloud to make Sushi. You must start at cleaning and work your way to Chef. This is the traditional way. His mentor made Sushi for President Ronald Regan. Then he started asking himself "Is this all I can accomplish? Is this all I can do?"

While on his lunch break from the restaurant, he was getting something in a "Deli." A gentleman asked the question "Who wants to go to America and be a Sushi Chef?" He wanted to challenge himself so he said YES, but how? He had very little money, no work visa, no idea what would happen. So he came to America on a Tourist Visa and had a job interview for the position. 3 days later... he returned to Japan. A few days later, the restaurant called him back. They wanted him! They arranged for his Work Visa and Airfare.

He worked at the restaurant for 3 years until a Head Hunter stole him away to become an Executive Chef for another American restaurant. He won high praise from the Michelin Guide, twice. He was then approached by restaurateur Yuko Motoki, to become the Sushi Master in her Harlem eatery. Even though he was an Executive Chef, he could not make his own decisions in the restaurant. So he said YES to Yuko, and is now designing the Saki menu as well as creating and choosing the premium fish used each day and using the Omakase "Trust Me" style of serving the guests. Using traditional Japanese menu style. No California Rolls here. Sushi Master Shinichi Inoue, is now very happy.